DS300 automatic counting device

Function: the production of the whole stack of sheet (sheet products such as: postcards, greeting cards, listing, packing bag, carton forming, labels, envelopes, red etc.; folded and the like products, such as: brochures, posters and all kinds of different sizes of folded products; the shaped products, such as: manual, book card, notebook, homework, cartoon booklet, magazines and various different sizes of the like products) is automatically separated, into a single transmission to the conveyor belt.
It is convenient for inkjet or laser machine, printing, printing and cutting of production date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting mark, packaging design,, reduce manual operation errors, improve the work efficiency of jet printing.
It can separate counting material to use, also can be easily integrated into the associated device for automatic feeding, with the use of a variety of automatic packaging line, for example: pillow type packing machine, vertical packaging machine, three-dimensional packing machine, automatic contraction packaging machine etc..
Two, features: 1 servo motor drive system, PLC controller and touch screen interface, easy to use, easy to use.
2 the use of the positioning of the belt transmission, to ensure the accuracy of the card output.
3 maximum speed can reach 300m/min (related to product specifications)
4 system itself with a number of features, including automatic detection of the length of the fault, there is a superposition of counting automatic shutdown alarm and so on, real-time online monitoring.
5 real time electric eye monitoring, accurate counting.
6 all key components adopt international products, to ensure the stability of the device.
7 structural design is reasonable, easy to replace the vulnerable parts.
Main technical parameters:

进料速度  300米/每分钟
 进料厚度  0.01mm-2mm(可依需求订制)



 动力控制系统  伺服电机驱动或步进电机驱动PLC控制
 电源及功率  220V/800W(可依需求订制)
 外形尺寸  (长)750*(宽)750*(高)590mm 
 机器重量  约85KG