JS150B automatic bagging machine

Function: 1. The production of the whole stack of sheets, (sheet products such as: red, postcards, greeting cards, tags and labels and envelopes; folded and the like products, such as: brochures, posters and all kinds of different sizes of folded products; the shaped products, such as: manual, book card, notebook, homework, cartoon booklet, magazines and various different sizes of the like products). According to the number of set (the number) automatically loaded into the bag.
2 homemade bag, black and white and printed bag.
3 automatic tape, automatic punching.
Two, characteristics:
1 servo motor drive system, imported OMRON PLC controller and touch screen interface, the operation is simple and easy to use.
2 automatic fault diagnosis system, can quickly eliminate the fault for the customer to win the precious time.
3 this machine adopts the cam drive, which ensures the stability of the machine, reliable operation, long service life, easy maintenance and reduce the maintenance cost.
4 real time electric eye monitoring, accurate counting.
Automatic page 5.
Main technical parameters:

进料速度  50-70包/每分钟(与包装物尺寸有关)
 进料厚度  0.01mm-2mm(可依需求订制)



 动力控制系统  变频器
 电源及功率  220V/850W(可依需求订制)
 外形尺寸  (长)3400*(宽)3100*(高)1260mm 
 机器重量  约1240KG